Monday, August 3, 2009

PQ bound....

Has been a crazy couple weeks! Was suppose to run the Death Race on saturday and had been super psyched about it, as has been on my 'to do" list for several years. Was signed up and ready to go and then I received a phone call from legendary Adventure Racer Robyn Benicasa from Team Merrell Zanfel asking if I would be able to take her spot in the Primal Quest. After much deliberation she has decided to step back from this years PQ due to a hip injury. This was a super difficult decision for her, but as it turned out a wise decision once the doc's got a look at her xrays. The good news is, she's already been in for surgery and on her way to recovery already.

So now what - For me, it meant a quick change in plans and getting my head wrapped around running, biking, climbing, paddling, canyoneering 1000km in South Dakota in 2 weeks...and some big shoes to fill! I'm looking forward to racing with Team MZ which includes; my husband Greg McHale - team motivator/pack horse extraordinaire, Aussie Rob Preston - Navigator extraordinaire, and another legendary Adv racer, kiwi Neil Jones -paddler extraordinaire. Now I just have to find my extraordinaire role may be?

Did a little warm-up yesterday for PQ and my last long run at the Yukon River Trail marathon. Was really happy with my run overall and surprised myself by running only 13 seconds slower than the last time I ran the race in 2003 when I was on my way to running a pb at niagara falls marathon...and also just a wee girl of 29 =) Feeling good today, hamstrings are a little guitar stringish, but not throwing myself down stairs like I usually do after a road marathon!

The bigger and more surprising news for those who know me well is...I have a blog!! and managed to post my picture on it - wow technololgy, who knew??

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