Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Update!

I guess it's a good thing I'm a better adventure racer/ultra runner than blogger!!
Nevertheless..., I'm back with a very late entry for 2010....Lots of adventures planned for this year (see 2010 race schedule!). The later half of the year is still tentative, but the next three months are going to be a whirlwind to say the least...China in April, Oz in May, and France in June - yikes!

To start with, the big news for 2010 is, Greg and I are now both part of the Merrell/Akali Ambassador Team, and will be training and racing representing Merrell/Akali. Big thanks to Robyn Benicasa and Merrell/Akali for believing in us and inviting us to be part of their team! Check out the website at

The season will start off with a training race April 26-29th, in Nanning China. We'll be racing with a couple of guys from Malaysia that we've never raced with before. Very much looking forward to experiencing the culture and taking a week to travel after wards - a vacation, how novel! The main thing will be to stay healthy and avoid any funky unidentifiable foods (could be a challenge for Greg, who generally will eat anything!), since we get home from China on the 6th of May, and back in the air on the 13th.

May 18-28 we'll be racing XPD Australia, 700km in the Australian outback with a new version of Team Merrell/Akali due to some injuries on the Team, and June will be a fast and furious 400km stage race in Graveline France to Lille, where we'll be back in the orange jersey's along side fellow Merrell/Akali ambassador Travis Macy and Jon Brown whom I raced with in Abu Dhabi in December.

So far, 2010 is shaping up to be a season of adventure and look forward to actually getting out on the race course, and getting into some warmer temps! Although we've had an amazing winter here, and are lucky to be having an early spring - I forgot how cold spring training can be! Friday we actually got out on some REAL, LIVE WATER - woohoo! opposed to sitting in our basement on the indoor kayak machine. Felt great to get outside for about the first 30 mins, even though we were paddling the "TOMCAT" - (inflatable kayak), dodging ice bullets, temperature hovering around zero....a couple hours later, 4 frozen feet and 4 frozen hands, we were sitting in the truck in our gitch b/c our clothes were soaked through, heat cranked, and I had to laugh as it started to snow - I guess this is part of the toughening up period??? Let's hope it warms up for next weekend as we get out for a longer paddle, or I'll be wearing my winter boots....

Saturday followed with the first training ride on the road bikes outside. Biked to Starbucks, which is 41 km from my house, and just long enough for the feet to go numb.....a quick dark cherry mocha, and return home to a nice, hot sauna.....ahhhh......spring in the Yukon...What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, (or something like that!). Was very happy yesterday was a long run day - awesome run up pilot mountain behind our house...went earlier in the morning while the trail was still frozen - was welcomed by bright, beautiful, sunny skies....and a reminder why we live in this glorious place!


  1. Nice to finally see an update on your blog. You have some amazing adventures lined up for 2010. Best of luck in all your races. Make sure you take the time to check out some the sights in all those amazing places. Can't wait to hear details.

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